The Kite Runner and The Good Lie

The Kite Runner is a movie from 2007, directed by Marc Foster. The story in the movie is about destruction and was but at the same time friendship and family between Amir and Hassan. During a kite-flying tournament, something came up and changed their friendship. when amir became an adult he was hunted by the terrible incident from the past. The title can symbol the character childhood happiness and his betrayal to his childhood friend Hassan. It also might be a symbol of his native land,Afghanistan. Kites have been an important part of the Afganistan culture for a long time and are a symbol of prophecy and fate. The title might be a symbol of freedom as well. I think that the directors of the film choose this title because of the symbol it have.

The Good Lie is a movie from 2014, is an American-Indian drama film. and is directed by Philippe Falardeau. The film is about the siblings Mamere, Paul Jeremaiah, Theo, Daniel and Abital. They escaped together during The Second Sudanese Civil War were they lost Abital.  Theo got taken by soldiers in Sudan during the war when he sacrificed himself, the other children had to go on until they met a refugee camp in Kenya.

Mamere travels after many years back to the refugee camp to find his brother, when he finds him they realise that Theo doesnt have a visa to travel to the USA. Mamere gives his visa to Theo and tell him to travel alone with it to USA. Theo was the first one to sacrifice himself and Mamere felt he had to the same back. the title of the movie “The Good Lie” cames out of this action. It is a good lie to give Theo a fake name to get a good and safe life. It is illegal to fake your own identity but in this context it was a good lie about his identity.

The Good Lie and The Kite Runner put themes in perspective. They both deal with thees as refugees, family, friendship, racism and “The American Dream”. Both of the films symbolize redenption or guilt, but also friensship and family.