The movie “Lion ” is based on the themes identity and belonging. Saroo who is the main character in the movie is an adopted boy who wants to get to know his real parents. When he moved to America to his adopted parents, he had to learn a new way of belonging and find a new identity that fits. He questioned his own identity when he got older, where he was from and what he had experienced when he was a little kid was the very interesting points.

As the movie continued, we got to see that Saroo find more out about himself and his homeland. He did a lot of resources and the more he got to know, the more affected he got. We saw scenes of him that looked like post-traumatic stress or a kind of anxiety. This wanted him to find more out about his family and to travel home to his first home.

After a while, Saroo finds out exactly where he lived before and planned to visit the place. He met the house he lived in with a lit of memories and just felt home again. one family who lived in the house came and talk to him and asked why he was there. he just said his mother’s name and that he lived there before. the man took Saroo by his hand and lead him to another place in the street. The movie showed us a beautiful old woman looking at Saroo with big eyes while he said her name. they all start to cry and celebrate that they were alive and got to meet again.

I thought the movie was very touching. I, myself, am a person who cries very easy of touching movies, and this one is no exception. I kinda stressed through the whole movie because I wanted to help that little boy Saroo. The questions the movie raised for me was “why is the world so unfair”, “why have I got to live in a so good and safe home, and not him?”. I think it is so unfair and sad to think about, everybody deserves a life in a safe home and with their safe family.

I think adoption is a very good alternative for many children in the world. children who live with families that don’t have food to feed the child or the safest home to live in, they have to get help from someone who can raise them safe. Adoption is not just an opportunity for poor children or those who live in places with war. Many children are adopted also in Norway to other families. children can live with bad parents who use violence or threatening, then adoption to a new and better family is a good opportunity.

The disadvantages of adoption are like we see in this movie. Children will always be questioning where they belong and if their parents are still alive. These questions can be a bother for many, and the feeling of not living with your biologic parents can be hard to live with.

I think the title “Lion” tries to tell us how Saroo felt about himself. He was like a lion, brave and hard but on the other side, he is a cat, soft and touchy.



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