The story about the girl Wadley from Haiti made the greatest impression on me. She was an independent girl that didn’t take a no for a no. Wadley gave an inspirational impression on me when she stood up for her right to go to school and to have an education. In Wadleys story, her family didn’t have the money to pay for her to go to school after the earthquake but she doesn’t take a no for a no, so she went to school anyway. The teacher sent her straight home but she stood up and told the teacher “If you kick me out, I will come back every day until I can stay”. The teacher listened to her and let her stay.


“One girl with courage is a revolution” made a new impression on me after watching the film. In the movie “Girl rising” I saw many girls with a lot of courage and big dreams. I think that if you have a dream and a will to do something, you can accomplish everything you want to. These girls made a revolution with the changes they made for themselves and the people around them. I agree with this catchphrase, if you have enough courage, you can do anything. And what the girls do is a start of a revolution.


I find myself getting lost in the stories because they were told by the “I” perspective and in an emotional way. They show us the story very detailed and with videos of the whole story. It was interesting for me to see how much Wadley wanted to go to school. I think many people with an education available are taking it for granted, and this kind of woke me up about how important an education is.


I mean that the girls from the film are not directly victims. I can empathize to the girl’s stories and I can imagine what they are going through and what they feel. But I don’t think I can empathize that well, because I have never experienced something like these girls are living with every day. I sympathize for them a lot and I wish the best for them in the future.


I think that the strong message of the film is how many girls in the world are not getting any education or the offer to go to school. I wasn’t aware that the crisis was that big.  How girls are standing up for themselves and their gender is surprising!


Operation Day’s Work

Operation Day’s Work is Norway’s biggest solidarity campaign. Since 1964, Norwegian students have worked one day each year to give money and solidarity to fellow students around the world. This is operated by teenagers from all over the world.

My school in Norway, Fagerlia, has one day off school which we use to help other lands, work for them and give them the money. We are helping poor lands to get a better education and have a better life.

Last year we helped Ukraina, on that OD day I worked with my dad at his work, earned 400kr and gave them to the people who needed it. This year, the project is about helping Nigeria. Nigeria has an extremely bad oil crisis. The air is dangerous to breath in, the water is dirty and they can’t even grow vegetables or fruit. The few fishes that are swimming around in the water is polluted and are dangerous to eat.

When I saw the video from Nigeria I was shocked and felt bad for the people living there. I can’t imagine how terrible it has to be. I also feel bad for Norway being such a big part of the guilt of the oil crisis in Nigeria. The OD day is a very important day for the whole world.