Did climate change intensify hurricane?


Sunday afternoon the big hurricane (Harvey) blow over Texas and the cities around. This caused  that a lot of streams and rivers are in flood stage. For Texas this rainfall are beyond anything experienced before.


When i first heard about the storm i got really scared for my friends who are exchange students in Texas and the area around. This is an terrible accident, but I am so happy it just took a few lives! The last storm in Texas was so much bigger and dangerous,  I understand the people were afraid!


I agree with the points made in the article. Myself I think global warming had no effect on the storm. The world have experienced big storms almost like this before, so the point in the article am I agree with!


Clean water for everybody!

The UN has made a list of their seventeen sustainable development goals. I find all of them extremely important, but number six caught my attention. I think that the most important goal is clean water and sanitation.

783 million people in the world do not have have access to clean and safe water, that concludes to 1 out of every 5 deaths of children under 5 is due to a water-related disease.

Water is used for many important things like drinking, recreation, sanitation, hygiene and industry. Water is the most important source for humans and without it, waterborne illness will be a big problem. Therefor i mean more money and help should go to clean water in every country.

Measures are being made, as one of the goals is that within 2020, one should maintain and protect every water-related ecosystems, such as mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers and lakes.  This is an important goal for the future and a lots of people!